Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dinner with the Hobnobbers?

So we had this plan to get to know some new people in the ward. Saturday we mustered up some strength from deep within and went and knocked on an apartment door of girls we did not know. We introduced ourselves, and invited them to Sunday dinner. Sunday came and we confirmed at church for four o'clock. I thought it a fun idea to do brenner (breakfast for dinner) for the menu. We cooked creme brûlée french toast, bacon, and had egg nog and orage juice at the ready. The table was set, the food was finished, and we waited. Ten minutes passed, fifteen and then thirty. Being an optimist I said we would start without them, however, they never came. So on Sunday evening we enjoyed some good roommate bonding over the dinner table. Still have yet to hear from the no shows. Lets call it a mystery.